New Missionary for the Philippine District

Fr. Jan Krzysciak,scj, a member of the Polish Province, is the newest asset of the Philippine District. He arrived in Manila last November 24, 2007.
Fr. Jan is 34 years old and was ordained as a priest in year 2002 in Stadniki, Poland. Before applying to join this mission he was assigned for four years in Belchatow, one of the biggest SCJ parishes in Poland. In year 2006, he went to the United States where he studied English until the end of September 2007. In the beginning of January 2008, Fr. Jan will start to study the local language (Cebuano) at the Maryknoll Institute of Language and Culture (MILC) in Davao City.
In the name of all members of the Philippine District we would like to welcome Fr. Jan and wish that soon the Philippines will become his second home.