Start of the New Administration of the District

On May 1, 2009 the Philippine District celebrated the start of its new administration. The celebration was held in the Novitiate Fr. Dehon in Lucoban, Dumalinao and was attended by members of the old and new administration, communities of Kumalarang and Dumalinao, Novitiate community, District Superior of India Fr. Kusmaryadi, and SCJ scholastics from Manila and India attending the preparation program for final vows.

After the Gospel, Fr. Francis Pupkowski, the outgoing District Secretary and Treasurer, read the letter of the General Superior addressed to the new superior Fr. Jose Benedito de Moraes Machado and his council, which was followed by the “Profession of Faith.”

In his homily, Fr. Bene thanked the members of the old administration for their service and dedication and shared his insights regarding his new responsibilities as a superior.

The celebration was held in very fraternal atmosphere.

New Administration:
Fr. Jose Benedito de Moraes Machado – superior
Fr. Lukas Hadi Siswo Sasmito – 1st councillor
Fr. Andrzej Sudol – 2nd councillor
Fr. Vincentius Sri Herimanto – 3rd councillor

Fr. Arthur Guevara – district treasurer & secretary