English Summer Course

Fr. P.J. McGuire, an SCJ from the U.S. Province has visited the Philippines several times. As an expert in Fr. Dehon and SCJ spirituality, on several occasions he conducted seminars, workshops, and retreats. The Philippines for him is like a magnet, where he always returns with pleasure. This time Fr. P.J.  came to the Philipines to assist the SCJ students in their learning English as a second language. Since English  is the main tool of communication at the university and in the seminary and many students, especially those from Vietnam, have problems to understand the spoken language and to express themselves. The summer course is an ideal occasion to learn it well. Fr. P.J. is native of New Jersey and, as he says,  he had once a New York accent. All the students of the Summer English Course are divided into two groups: basic and advanced. Ma’am Dolly Mae Ybañez, the regular English teacher, is taking care of the group learning the basics and Fr. P.J. is with the advanced group. The advanced group is composed of six students, five Vietnamese and one Filipino. The course started of April 13, 2015 and will end on May 22, 2015.  Normally, the classes start at 9:00 AM  and last until 12:00 noon time with one 30 minute break. In the afternoon the students have one on one personal conversations with their teacher. For this year Fr. P.J. prepared an ESL program based on the Scripture. There are 15 chapters, each about a 1000 words long. The students have read it 2-3 times. The reading is followed by questions  to see how well they understand the text. So far, Fr. P.J. is satisfied with his students, saying that they made a noticeable progress and they had a good foundation to begin with. Besides, the students are working very hard. The English Summer Course started several years ago upon the request of formators from Cagayan de Oro Formation House and it has proved to be very helpful. Among the SCJs from the U.S. Province who came to the Philippines to teach English were: Fr. Quang Nguyen, Fr. Bernard Rosinski, who came twice, Fr. Frank Wittouck, Fr. John Klingler, Fr. Tom Cassidy, Fr. Vien Nuyen and Bro. Long Nguyen.