Christmas Greetings

Nativity Murillo Filipino Painting ColladoChrist the Lord, the Savior of the world, lying in the manger, is the light and life that the Father wants to give us so that God’s own divine life might flow through us and his divine light shine within us. He is the face of the Father’s mercy (MV 1). He frees us from guilt and gives us life that will not end so that we might live with him in the splendor of his Father forever.  

May the celebration of His birth, the wonder of His love, and the presence of Emmanuel, God with us, overcome every manifestation of our indifference and transform it into manifestations of our passionate love for Christ and His people.

May Christ’s love touch our hearts this Christmas. May it help us to appreciate the value of every human person – young or old, healthy or sick, born or unborn. May Christ’s love inspire us to create a society where all are treated fairly, where no one goes hungry or in need and where everybody is honored with the dignity due to the children of God.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and Grace filled New Year 2016!