District Assembly 2007

From January 8 to 12, 2007, the SCJ Philippine District held its Annual Assembly. As in the previous years it was held in the SCJ headquarters in Cagayan de Oro City. It started with a half day of recollection, guided by Fr. Andrzej Sudol, and was followed by the personal sharing of all members of the District.

The second day was dedicated entirely to the main theme of the Assembly, which was “Life in the Community”. The theme was prepared by a special committee and further elaborated in each community. The results of this, containing concrete observations and proposals, were shared and discussed by the whole forum. Thanks to this, the group was able to see the different needs and to prepare an initial plan of action, which will be studied and approved for implementation by the District Council.

During the next three days took place reporting, evaluation and planning of different activities and involvement of the District. It started with the Vocation Promotion and went further through the formation process, financial matters, and other areas of concerns of the District such as different projects, wages and benefits of the SCJ workers, Lay Dehonians, etc.
For the first time, the Assembly was attended by members of the District including Fr.Andreas Madya – the General Councilor from Rome and the two new comers, Fr. Vilsom Basso from Brazil and Fr. Yohanes Wua Waleng from Indonesia, who just arrived in the Philippines; all together 21 participants.
The Assembly was well prepared and conducted in very friendly and fraternal atmosphere.