Ordination to the Priesthood of two Vietnamese confreres

On January 19, 2011 – our two Vietnamese confreres Phong and Quang were ordained priests. They received the sacrament of the Holy Order from the hands of the Most Rev. Antonio Tobias, DD. The ceremony took place in San Lorenzo Parish in Quezon City and was attended by their families, friends and almost all SCJs from the Philippine District. The newly ordained priests belong to the first batch of our Vietnamese confreres who joined the SCJ Philippine District in 2001.

District Assembly 2011

assembly 2011On January 10-14, 2011 – the SCJ Philippine District held its annual assembly. This year the assembly took place in the Sacred Heart Formation House in Aluba, Cagayan de Oro City and was attended by 25 SCJs.

Among the special participants attending this meeting were Fr. Paulus Sugino, the General Councilor from Rome and Fr. Rino from Vietnam.

The assembly started with reflection on “Religious Consecration” conducted by Fr. Aloisio Back, which was followed by the personal sharing of each member of the District.

The personal sharing of members continued also on the second day in the morning. In the afternoon, Fr. Aloisio Back gave an input on community life, which was the main subject of the assembly. Also, in the afternoon of the second day the participants of the Assembly played a soccer match against the seminarians. The match was won 4:3 by the seminarians.

On the third day, in the morning, the big group was divided into five smaller groups to discuss and to answer the guide questions prepared by Fr. Aloisio. The discussion and sharing on this topic was carried on also in the afternoon.

The fourth day was dedicated entirely to the reporting of activities by different commissions and groups of interest starting with the formation and ending with the financial matters.

The fifth and the last day of the assembly started with reporting on the works on proposed “Regional Directory” and was followed by report from Vietnam and Fr. Sugino’s time, who shared his observations regarding the Philippine District and information about the Congregation. In the afternoon, the group discussed the yearly plan and some other urgent matters concerning the District. The Assembly was concluded with the Holy Mass presided by Fr. Paulus Sugino.