First Regional Chapter Assembly

The Philippine Region of the Priests of the Sacred Heart is barely completing its first three (3) years since its elevation last March 14, 2012 and this time, September 29 to October 3, 2014, the first regional assembly chapter is being held. A total number of 34 participants including 2 confreres on temporary vows, Fr. Rino Venturin from the Vietnam district and Fr. Paulus Sugino from the General Administration.

The chapter assembly started on Monday morning with a very meaningful recollection with Fr. Raul Dael, SSJV from the archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro. Fr. Raul emphasized on the mercy of God and the importance of being priests and religious after the Heart of Christ. In the afternoon, as has become traditional, we invited priests to hear our confessions. From the second day until the last, the assembly dedicated so much time on discussing the motions for the improvement of the Philippine mission that were pre-approved for discussion during one of the monthly meetings, the questionnaire for the General Chapter, the approval of the Regional Directory to be forwarded to the general administration and some other urgent matters not necessarily part of the chapter documents. Atty. Grace Escobia, a Lay Dehonian who represented the region in the recent meeting in Rome, was given a moment to share to the assembly on the Spiritual Path handbook prepared for the lay dehonians and discussed with the group regarding further propagation of the Dehonian spirituality to the laity.

Finally, at the close of the chapter, Fr. Sugino gave the assembly some points of reflection regarding the theme for the upcoming general chapter next year. He presided the closing mass and in the homily exhorted the assembly to awaken the world with the love and mercy of God citing the region’s chapter assembly theme, “Wake Up the World”.