Alleluia! The Lord is Risen!

The resurrection of our Lord is the source of our hope and joy. It gives us the confidence that death is not the last word, but eternal life. In the resurrection, death is overcome by death! Christ’s victory over sin and death reveals to us that sin can be overcome by love.

Faith in the Risen Lord makes us confident that everything as promised by God would be fulfilled, when there will be peace, love, harmony, freedom – and death and suffering will be no more. However Easter is not simply a proclamation that there is life after death, but most of all an invitation to live the resurrected life. This means allowing the power of the Risen Lord to live in and through us, to live the spirit of Christ by imitating Him in life and in death.

As we celebrate Easter, let us show ourselves to be people of joy and hope, prophets of love and reconciliation. With Christ’s resurrection, the future is certain and has been anticipated in the resurrection of Christ. A Christian never gives up on sinners or in any difficult situation, challenge or trial because he or she knows that Christ, who has overcome all things including death, can do the same for us as well.

Celebrating Christ’s victory over sin and death let us pray that:

  • Those who are homeless will be given suitable shelter and accommodation.
  • Those who are hungry will be given the food and drink which they need.
  • The lives of all people will be respected and valued from beginning to natural death.
  • The people of every nationality and creed will live in harmony and peace with respect for each other and for the planet we live on.

As disciples of the Risen Lord, let us also be that light of Christ for those in darkness.  Let us bring the joy of the gospel to the world by reflecting the Risen Lord in us, by living joyful lives filled with love and compassion. Let us be a resurrected people and testify to others that Christ is indeed risen in us!

Wishing you a blessed and holy Easter!