Celebration of the Founder in CDO

March 14, 2021, marks the 178th birth anniversary of Fr. Leo John Dehon, the founder of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is also a day of prayer for new vocations for the congregation and in the Philippines the day of change of administration. To celebrate all these occasions, the Formation Community in Cagayan de Oro has prepared several activities.

Right after the breakfast, the SCJ candidates, together with the priests and employees of the formation house were having their finals in volleyball, basketball, and soccer, which started at the end of the previous week. Some also played badminton and other indoor games.

At 6:00 PM, the whole community took part in a Liturgy of the Word, which was followed by a common meal, announcement of winners of the different games, and competition in songwriting, arts, and essays prepared by the SCJ seminarians and they proved to be very skillful and creative, which added the beauty and meaning of the event. It was indeed a great celebration.