Feast of the Patron and Celebration of Life at Kasanag

St. Joseph, the spouse of the BVM, is the patron saint of Kasanag Daughters Foundation, Inc. and is celebrated every year on March 19. This year the Feast of the Patron was joined with the Celebration of Life and was held on March 20, 2021.

The main celebrant Fr. Joseph C. Butlig, SCJ, in-charge of the foundation, in his homily in the local language Cebuano, had recalled the main virtues and graces of St. Joseph that make him a role model to be followed by every Christian.

Due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration was very simple. It was attended by some members of the board, benefactors, and friends of the foundation, including some SCJs from Cagayan de Oro. At the end of the Mass, all the girls born in March had placed beautiful roses at the feet of their patron saint to thank in this way for the gift of life.

As usual, the celebration ended with a common meal.