Inauguration of New Administration in Vietnam

On August 12, 2022, at Dehon House 2, the Novitiate House, took place the inauguration of the new administration of the SCJ Vietnam District.  The new District Superior is Fr. Francis Xavier Tran Van Thai; the first councilor: is Fr. John Baptist Tran Quoc Phong; the second councilor: is Fr. Dominique Nguyen Viet Khoa; and the third councilor: is Fr. Joachim Tran Van Ngoc.

The Mass was concelebrated by 16 SCJ priests. There were 107 SCJ candidates (aspirants, postulants, novices, and scholastics), 22 non-SCJ priests, some religious sisters, and other visitors. 

After the Mass and the ceremony of installation, followed a special meal for 500 people.

Vivat Cir Jesus! Vivat New Administration! Vivat Vietnam!

By: Fr. Sergio Matumoto, SCJ