Culmination Activities of the Month of the Holy Rosary and Celebration of All Saints Day in Cagayan de Oro I Community

On October 31, 2022, the SCJ Formation Community in Cagayan de Oro City held the culmination activities of the month of the Holy Rosary and the celebration of All Saints Day.

The celebration started at 6:00 PM at the basketball court with the recitation of the Holy Rosary. The rosary was made of more than 50 candles representing the beads of the rosary. The candles were lit gradually as the recitation of the mysteries progressed. The prayers were held in front of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with three connected pieces of cloth: blue, yellow, and white in the background.

After the meal, there was a presentation of different saints.  Each student representing a different saint gave a short description of the chosen saint and the reason for choosing him. Besides the presentation of the different saints which is a counter celebration of Halloween, the students prepared also some other attractions. The event was attended by the TMM Sisters Community, employed in the formation house, and friends.