Church in Action – COVID-19 Emergency

The spread of the virus COVID-19 and the lockdown of the cities have affected the majority of the people. But the sector most affected are the daily income earners who depend on their day-to-day labor, such as street vendors, casual workers, etc. No work, no pay. The same applies to the sick and elderly at homes, who need the assistance of others.

The Priests of the Sacred Heart (SCJ), as seen in the last post, try to assess the needs of the local communities and to help, in coordination with the LGU’s, the most affected persons and families. Today, there are some pictures from the San Roque Parish in Bagong Silang, Caaloocan City.

This is what Fr. Elpidio Z. Luza Jr., the Parish Priest of San Roque Parish, is writing:

“The SCJ Community in the San Roque Parish of Bagong Silang, Caloocan City responds to the urgent need of the society. Food supply is given to the most affected families as the pandemic COVID-2019 has brought a threat against lives.

Bagong Silang is one of the most densely populated areas in which many of its residents have the humblest source of living. As the Enhanced Community Quarantine is implemented, jobs are temporarily stopped. People now are battling against hunger. 

Through the collaboration of the people of good hearts with the Church, assistance is made available. Faith is boldly acted upon on the grassroots.” 


in this time of the Church,

we offer you our lives.

We ask you to make us available

to live in solidarity with your people,

to promote justice,

and to be a sign in the heart of the world

that your love abides in Christ.


(From the SCJ Act of Oblation)