Buenos Dias Bogotá

On October 19, 2020, two members of the SCJ Philippine Region, Fr. Delio Ruiz, SCJ, and Fr. Rogereve U. Pausanos, SCJ, together with Fr. Yoko from Indonesia and Fr. Rafael Nobrega SCJ, from Brazil, arrived in Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia to start their new mission of the Congregation. Prior to that, they spent almost eight months together in Quito, Ecuador, learning Spanish and building the community.

Since the place where they will stay is still in the state of preparation, in the meantime they will stay for two weeks in a neighbor parish of St. Marcelino Champagnat. For this, they were given rooms on the sixth floor of the parish facility. Fr. Delio wrote, “Imagine, with arthritis in my knee to climb six floors to reach our rooms.” The consoling fact for Fr. Delio to taste his first Colombian coffee.