20 Years of SCJ Presence in the Philippines

May 17, 1989 is the official date of arrival of first SCJ missionaries in the Philippines. The original group was composed of 8 priests coming from 5 different provinces: Argentinean, Indonesian, Polish, German and British-Irish. After six-month course of language and culture in Davao City, the members of the first group were assigned in 3 parishes: in Kumalarang and Margosatubig in the Prelature of Ipil and in Dimataling in Diocese of Pagadian.

Soon, the mission was joined by other members coming in different batches; total 14 priests and 2 brothers. At the same time 7 members returned to their mother provinces. Fr. Hans Sondermeijer of the first group died in Indonesia.

At the moment in the Philippines there are only 2 members left of the original group: Fr. Rino Venturin and Fr. Francis Pupkowski.

Today, we are 51 religious living and working in 5 communities. 25 are Filipino, 9 Vietnamese, 7 Indonesians, 4 Polish, 3 Brazilian, 1 Argentinean, 1 Italian and 1 British.