SCJ Memorial Day in Cagayan de Oro

On November 26, 2006 – the Dehonian Family in Cagayan de Oro celebrated the 3rd already SCJ Memorial Day. The celebration started at 5:30 pm with the concelebrated Holy Mass and was followed by a simple supper.

The main celebrant, Fr. Indra Pamungkas in his introduction, explained the importance and reason for this celebration, which was picked-up and continued by Fr. Francis Pupkowski – the homilist.

In his homily Fr. Francis connected the Solemnity of Christ the King with the commemoration of SCJ Martyrs, who through their martyrdom became witnesses to the Gospel and Christ’s Kingdom. To be a martyr and missionary was a dream of Fr. Leo Dehon, the founder of the Congregation, which was fulfilled by his followers in different parts of the world. To be a witness to the Gospel and Christ’s Kingdom is the everyday challenge for every member of the Dehonian Family, which means openness to the signs of the times, especially to the poor and needy.