March 14 – Day of Prayer for Dehonian Vocations

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EJD - JMJ Brasil 2013


On March 14, 1843, our founder, Father Leon Dehon was born in France. For our congregation, this date is celebrated as a day of prayer for dehonian vocations.

In the annual letter, signed by the current general superior, Father José Ornelas Carvalho, we are invited to remember number 7 of our Rule of Life, which indicates what P.Dehon expects from his religious: they are “prophets of love and servers of reconciliation”. This year, we want to remember this great vocation of the Congregation. “We remember our vocation, but also the motivation for which we invite others to join us in the community. We make the call because we are convinced that it is necessary to continue the ministry of love and reconciliation in the Church and in the world”, says Father Ornelas in the letter.

“Part of our mission is to invite others to join us in prayer and in…

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