Perpetual Profession and Renewal of Vows

On May 13, 2017, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Bro. Rogereve Pausanos (SCJ) professed his final vows of Chastity, Obedience and Poverty in the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart. The celebration was held in the Chapel at the Dehon House in Quezon City, and was presided by the superior of the Philippine Region, Fr. Francis Pupkowski, SCJ, who accepted his vows.

During the same celebration six Filipino and two Vietnamese brothers renewed their temporary vows. The vows of the Filipino SCJs were accepted by Fr. Francis Pupkowski, SCJ, and of the Vietnamese by Fr. Delio Ruiz, SCJ, the superior of the local community.

The celebration was attended by the SCJs from the Metro Manila area, some religious sisters, family members, relatives of the professed and friends.

We entrust Bro. Rogereve Pausanaos and all the brothers who renewed their vows to your prayers. The world needs committed religious and priests who will continue the mission of the Church and of the Congregation.

March 14 – Day of Prayer for Dehonian Vocations

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On March 14, 1843, our founder, Father Leon Dehon was born in France. For our congregation, this date is celebrated as a day of prayer for dehonian vocations.

In the annual letter, signed by the current general superior, Father José Ornelas Carvalho, we are invited to remember number 7 of our Rule of Life, which indicates what P.Dehon expects from his religious: they are “prophets of love and servers of reconciliation”. This year, we want to remember this great vocation of the Congregation. “We remember our vocation, but also the motivation for which we invite others to join us in the community. We make the call because we are convinced that it is necessary to continue the ministry of love and reconciliation in the Church and in the world”, says Father Ornelas in the letter.

“Part of our mission is to invite others to join us in prayer and in…

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Prayer to Discover and Follow My Vocation

medium_candleMy Lord and my God, you are Love itself, and the source of all love and goodness. Out of love you created me to know you, love you, and serve you in a unique way, as no one else can. I believe that you have a plan for my life, that you have a task in your Kingdom reserved just for me. Your plan and your task are far better than any other I might choose: they will glorify you, fulfill the desires of my heart, and save those souls who are depending on my generous response.

Lord, grant me the light I need to see the next step in that plan; grant me the generosity I need to set aside my own plans in favor of yours; and grant me the strength I need to put my hands to your plough and never turn back. You know me better than I know myself, so you know that I am sinful and weak. All the more reason that I need your grace to uphold the good desires of my heart, O Lord!

Show me your will for me, O gentle and eternal God, and help me to say with Mary, “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word,” and to say with Jesus, “Let not my will be done, but yours.”

A Prayer for Vocations

logo for vocation officeLord Jesus, as You once called the first disciples to make them fishers of men, let your sweet invitation continue to resound: Come, follow Me! Give young men and women the grace of responding quickly to Your voice. Support our bishops, priests, and consecrated people in their apostolic labor. Grant perseverance to our seminarians and to all those who are carrying out the ideal of a life totally consecrated to Your service. Mary, Mother of the Church, the model of every vocation, help us to say “Yes” to the Lord Who calls us to cooperate in the divine plan of salvation. Amen.

-John Paul II