A few more reflections from the road in the Philippines

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"I've been trying a lot of food I've never had before!" said Fr. Steve. We aren't sure if this face means that he likes his latest Philippines meal or? “I’ve been trying a lot of food I’ve never had before!” said Fr. Steve. We aren’t sure if this face means that he likes his latest Philippine meal or?

As noted earlier, Fr. Stephen Huffstetter is visiting our communities and ministries in the Philippines. Today we have a “two-fer” — one text written on Sunday and one today for the province blog. Internet connections being a bit unreliable when traveling, we got both at once: 

Cagayan de Oro

I’ve seen and experienced so much in such a short time. I have much to think about and process and so many questions about a culture so new to me. Fr. Aloisio and Fr. Khoa served as today’s tour guides and gave me background on how our parish projects and formation programs developed and changed in the 25 years since the first SCJ foundations here. Fr. Al said that when he first arrived…

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Visiting students and ministries on Mindanao

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College program

As noted previously, Fr. Stephen Huffstetter is spending much of September learning about our communities and ministries in the Philippines and Vietnam. Today he writes from Cagayan de Oro, where he visited with undergraduate formation and the Kasanag Daughters Foundation.

Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao

Our boat arrived in port just after sunrise. Watching the crew maneuver the large ship into the dock with fist-sized ropes and mechanical winches gave me an appreciation of their skill at a complex task. Too often I take for granted the daily labors that produce and transport our daily bread.

Our pre-novitiate formation house is located in this university town. When we drove through the college campus I was surprised to see all the students wearing high school-type uniforms. It saves a lot on student expense as they don’t have to compete with the latest styles, and gives campus security a clue as to who are…

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