Seeing the impact of SCJ community in the Philippines

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Fr. Steve with SCJs in the Philippines Fr. Steve with SCJs in the Philippines

As noted yesterday, Fr. Stephen Huffstetter is visiting our missions in the Philippines and Vietnam this month to learn about the community and its ministries there. Today he writes on the way to Mindanao:

In the past few days I’ve traveled using many different modes of transportation. I write this from a bunk in a cabin on a ship bound overnight for the Island of Mindanao. The Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands, and in many places, water is the primary means of passage.

photo 1a SCJ parish in the Philippines

Monday we toured an SCJ parish on the outskirts of Manila. St. Roque is in the Bagonsilang district of Caloacan City. Fr. John Karl, the pastor, tells me that there are 50,000 families here in one of the densest parts of the city. He, Fr. Nino and Deacon Chris live in a simple concrete block…

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Quezon City, the Philippines

Walk with us!

A few of our theology students in the Philippines A few of our theology students in the Philippines

Fr. Stephen Huffstetter is spending much of September visiting our communities and ministries in the Philippines and Vietnam. His first stop is the Manila area (Quezon City is a part of the Philippines Capitol region) where he is staying with our student community there. From there he writes:

After a trio of flights lasting two, 12 and 4 hours I was a weary traveler when I finally landed in Manila Friday night. I was warmly greeted by Fr. Delio, the head formator, and Sergio and AJ, two of our students. Metropolitan Manila has around 12 million people, and even at 10 p.m. the mass of cars, motorcycles and jeepnys was bumper to bumper. We drove past highly developed  shopping and nightlife areas with advertisements like you might find in Times Square, as well as row upon row of densely packed cinder…

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