eleksyon 2016Almighty God, Loving Lord:

On May 9, we, the people of the Philippines, will go to the polls to elect both our national and local leaders.

Lord, we ask You to help us appreciate the importance of fair, free and honest elections and of electing sincere honest and capable men and women who have the best interests of the Filipino people at heart, and who will work diligently to grow our economy, create  jobs, and lift millions of our countrymen out of the bonds of poverty.

Guide us so that we may choose men and women of good character and integrity, men and women who are fit to lead our country and pursue what is right and just, men and women who can best respond to the many social, political and economic challenges our country faces.

In the exercise of our precious right to vote, banish and free us from all temptations of money, favors, power, revenge, leverage and other improper motives.

Grant, Lord, that the national elections be conducted honestly and peacefully, free from fraud and any irregularities that subvert the will of the electorate.

Protect all voters from harm and keep all candidates safe, especially those for whom we pray.