Acceptance of new candidates in CDO

On July 27, 2020, the formation community in Cagayan de Oro has celebrated the acceptance of new candidates to the two lowest stages of formation: Orientation Year and Aspirancy. The rite of acceptance was held during the concelebrated community Mass presided by Fr. Patrick L. Gutib, SCJ, the Master of Postulants and Superior of the community.

In his homily Fr. Patrick has explained the idea of growth based on the parable of the mustard seed in the context of the seminary life and preparation for the priesthood. After the homily, the candidates were called by their respective formators: Fr. Rico O. Lapinig, SCJ, formator of the aspirants, and Fr. Sergio Matumoto, SCJ, formator of the orientation year. All of them were given “Dehonian Cross”, a symbol of the membership of the Dehonian Family.

In short, the community got two (2) new aspirants and ten (10) rough but tough guys ready to follow Christ in the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As of now, the formation community is hosting altogether 29 candidates for religious life and priesthood, including three (3) postulants. The candidates, except one from East Timor, come from the Island of Mindanao.

Most of the candidates underwent through the two-week quarantine to make sure they are Covid-19 free. At the moment, the majority of them are attending their classes online at Xavier University, while the others will start it in August.