Prayer for the 178th Birth Anniversary of Fr. Leo John Dehon

Lord Jesus,
you opened your heart to our Founder,
Leo John Dehon,
and he responded in love.
He offered his life to you:
working to restore a broken world, proclaiming your abundant love,
and founding a congregation
to live a life of love and reparation in the world.

inspired by our Founder’s example,
we offer you our community,
our ministry,
and ourselves.
May we be faithful in our vocation to work for the building of your reign in human hearts
and in society. Amen.

Letter for March 14, on the anniversary of the birth of Fr. Leo John Dehon

To the members of the Congregation
To all the Members of the Dehonian Family

The SCJ Novitiate community in Vietnam has a pond where fish are raised for household consumption. To catch them, the novices use a floating mat, a bamboo pole as a paddle, and a net. The technique is simple: stand on the mat and cast the net in the right way. If it turns out well, lunch or dinner is guaranteed. A religious passing through the community wanted to try. One of the novices gladly invited him to share the experience. Floating on the mat, they arrived at the center of the pond. But a sudden distraction by the priest destabilized everything. The mat began rocking out of control and getting soaked was imminent. At that exact moment, the novice rebuked his companion in precise English: Focus!” That is to say: “Either you focus, or we fall!” The novice’s determination had its effect. He succeeded in helping his companion regain his balance and confidence, and that day neither of them ended up in the water keeping the fish company. Continue reading