Feast of the Patron and Celebration of Life at Kasanag

St. Joseph, the spouse of the BVM, is the patron saint of Kasanag Daughters Foundation, Inc. and is celebrated every year on March 19. This year the Feast of the Patron was joined with the Celebration of Life and was held on March 20, 2021. Continue reading

Viva St. Joseph!

On December 8, 2020, the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church, Pope Francis issued an Apostolic Letter entitled Patris corde (“With a Father’s Heart”). In that beautiful letter, the Holy Father proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from December 8, 2020, to December 8, 2021. Continue reading

Celebration of the Founder in CDO

March 14, 2021, marks the 178th birth anniversary of Fr. Leo John Dehon, the founder of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is also a day of prayer for new vocations for the congregation and in the Philippines the day of change of administration. To celebrate all these occasions, the Formation Community in Cagayan de Oro has prepared several activities. Continue reading